Wednesday 9 March 2022

Ruins of Middle Earth

This overgrown ruin been painted and dressed up by me, but it's basically a "ruined monastery" by the German firm Ziterdes. Their buildings are produced in "hard foam", ie expanded polyurethane, like the Hudson and Allen products. That's a specialised, expensive process to set up, but results in an ideal wargames model: strong , light and well-detailed. I have got a lot of trees based on pins these days, and they would look good in and around this ruin, but I wanted to show it clearly in this post.

I suppose this model could work for some historical skirmish games, but to me it is perfect for the Lord Of The Rings landscape, which features the ruins of ages past, some built thousands of years before the main stories. 

One more LOTR post to come and then we will be back to real historical subjects.


  1. It may be a commercially produced model John but your excellent finishing is what brings it to life...lovely work once again!

  2. That is a lovely basic model that you have really brought to life with the weathering and added foliage etc. It almost makes me want to venture into 28mm wargaming again!

  3. Fantastic - it would be nice if there was more availability of hard foam buildings.

  4. Thankyou, rross, Steve and Kym+. I really do appreciate the fact that you comment on pretty much every post!