Saturday 12 March 2022

A Breech and Some Rocks

Here ends my posting of Lord of the Rings models, with two different subjects. We have a breeched fortress wall, and some, ahem, scatter terrain.

Wanting to do siege games my friends and I bought the old Games Workshop "mighty fortress" kit, injection moulded in styrene. The whole thing was constructed but only painted up in a basic way, so I didn't think it was particularly worth photographing. However, you you used to be able to buy separate wall and tower sections, so I went to some trouble to model a breeched wall section, as seen here. The painting isn't really up to the standard of the modelling, because it wouldn't have matched the rest of the structure. I built the broken wall as masonry outer faces with a rubble filling, the way massive walls are commonly constructed.

The defenders here, in the interests of a nice colour contrast, are Southrons, which I did in the way Tolkien describes them: kind of "Saracens", dressed in red and gold. They are from the old Vendel range for the era of Muslim rule in Spain, but I converted them a bit before painting.  

I made a lot of "scatter" pieces suitable for this and other skirmish games. It seemed a very suitable place for the Rangers of Ithilien to be sneaking around. Here we see their leader Faramir, nicely painted by my friend Garry Broom. 

The rocks are made out of real rocks, which I scrounged from the garden section of a local DIY store as "samples". They look quite good and were easy to do, but they weigh a ton! My LOTR terrain tray is quite a job to maul around...

And here stands Gandalf the White, as I think you will all know. I painted this figure exactly as the film and GW model showed him, because in this case it seemed to meet the expectation of him that we get from the book. I did put some effort in here to paint the folds of his clothing and the slightly different colours and textures of each not-quite-white garment. I must admit I was pretty pleased with how he came out.


  1. This all looks terrific as usual John, and the paint job you have done on Gandalf is outstanding too!

  2. Nice work on the breeched wall section John. I remember seeing the GW fortress many moons ago at the club but I don't think it was ever fully painted, due to the sheer size of it IIRC. The scatter terrain looks great and I too use stones from the garden, but a lot easier to shift around in 10mm. Gandalf looks great and nice job on painting the white:).

  3. Great job, the GW fortress was a pretty nice kit I think, I have one of the towers I got as a standalone scenery piece for Warhammer (as I have no real interest in siege gaming in 28mm). In retrospect though I wish I got the hole kit to make city walls for Mordheim! The figures are very nice too, and the whites on Gandalf are excellent!

  4. Wonderful terrain and painting- I love the Gandalf figure.

  5. Thanks very much for your kind comments, lads.