Sunday 6 March 2022

The Mausoleum of an Ancient King

Here's the second batch of Lord of the Rings-themed modelling. Neither the building nor the statue-lined road were modelled directly on anything from the film or book, but I wanted to make something with the atmosphere of the story, as a scene around which a skirmish could take place.

The other inspiration, for the Mausoleum at least, was spotting a whole series of items in my local Hobbycraft shop, which I couldn't help seeing as the basis for something LOTR-ey. So the main structure is a papier mache box, the dome a polystyrene ball, the curly ornaments were jewellery "findings" and the scrollwork from stickers used for greeting cards. 

The statues were cast in plaster, which gives something ideal for distressing to show age and damage. Roadway from Wills cobblestone sheets. Bushes done in my usual way, out of rubberised horsehair and granulated cork.


  1. Cracking work once again John! One of the joys of the larger scales is the ability to scratch build stuff from a wide variety of sources, as you've done here. Trickier to do for 10mm but not impossible. The trouble is I now fancy some LotR inspired games having seen this and the previous post;).

  2. Brilliant - very much captures the feel of the world of LoTR and probably wouldn't be out of place in any fantasy setting.

  3. What a fantastic model...I need something just like this for my Pulp Project, as currently I am assembling and painting skeleton warrior with the idea that they may be activated by the adventurers disturbing some ancient tomb!

  4. Thanks once again, fellers. There's a couple more LOTR-based posts to come and then we're off elsewhere.