Thursday 20 October 2022

Some Little Details

After last week's Big Production, here are some nice photos of a more modest project from maybe ten years back. I did it for David Imrie, whose photos these are. The idea was to take some of the Hudson and Allen mediaeval buildings and work them up into three village units by painting, adding scenic bases, trees and little details. I already posted a couple of images of these village units ("A Smaller Project", December 2021, under the France label). I always thought there were some nice little touches that those images didn't show, so was pleased to find some more pictures, lurking in plain sight, on David's Facebook page from right back in 2013. And with his kind permission here they are.

The details on this unit are the row of beehives and the "cock crowing on the dungheap", as the saying goes.

A nice group of storage containers here. 

This one's all about the pigs and their trough. I built the shed, but in self-criticism mode I would say the roof is rather too shallow in pitch. Wooden shingles wouldn't keep the rain out on an almost flat roof. Those pigs wouldn't keep dry, although with such appetising and plentiful swill I expect they will get by.

A line of mediaeval washing is the feature here. 

A cat picks his way along the top of a wood pile in this photo. I'm quite pleased with the natural grouping here. The logs are just bits of twig, though I think I painted them up a little bit.

All three units combined into a village, together with a church I made.  


  1. Lovely details there John, that on first inspection one might not pick up on. I'm slowly adding such details for my 10mm games, but in all honesty they are so small that they pretty hard to see, talk less of make. Still one must try!

  2. Lovely details. Items will help the story unfold. As such the details are more important than one might expect. Thanks for finding them and sharing.

  3. Beautiful village; the details really bring it to life- I love the laundry line.

  4. Great imagination and attention to detail, as always John. Really inspiring work.

  5. Thankyou fellers, as always. Any day now I am going to complete the record of stuff I built in the past by photographing my Bohemia setup, done for the Austro-Prussian War of 1866. There will be lots of buildings, village bases and coniferous woods.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks, fireymonkeyboy. I appreciate every comment on here. Your striking profile image would probably have come to my attention if you had commented here before, so welcome! And please feel free to ask any any questions you might have about how to build stuff yourself.

  7. Excellent - the little details really bring a scenic base like this to life - very well done!

  8. Splendid component parts of the village all going together really well and you're delightful church sets them off really well!
    Best Iain

  9. Cheers, Kym and Iain, much appreciated.