Tuesday 23 November 2021

Big Hills

Here's two very similar wargames hills I made for customers. The first image is from 2000, the others are of a similar piece I was asked for by someone who just wanted the same thing. In both cases some trees are modelled as part of the hill and there were other freestanding ones which could form a wood on top of the hill or be placed elsewhere.

The main body of the hill was made from white soft polystyrene insulating foam in multiple layers, the "cliff" end being made from cork bark and the whole thing based on a sheet of mounting card. There was no such thing as a static grass applicator at this time and so the grassy effect was made from grass mat, carefully tailored to fit the 3-dimensional shape.


  1. I remember seeing these before & marveling! Sadly not suitable for the games we play but beautiful nonetheless.

  2. Thanks, warpaintjj. They are very much pieces for a skirmish game, but they are what customers asked for. I don't think I'd have had much occasion to use for them myself to be honest.