Wednesday 13 July 2022

A Little Find

I was planning to post about the roads project I worked on last year, but I am afraid my internet access has been playing up. If I mention the term "DNS server", some of you will know what level of trouble I have been contending with. If you have no idea what "DNS server" means, count yourself amongst those upon whom the gods have smiled. 

Anyway, whilst waiting for months to speak to some godforsaken customer service department, I was idly scrolling through images in my terrain reference folders, specifically the one with pictures of Spanish buildings, which I'd had no cause to look at for a long while. To my surprise I stumbled across the image below. What it shows is a demo game from a show at Reading(?) in about 2013. The game was mounted by my late good friend Mark Sturmey and was based on the First Carlist War in Spain, featuring a collection of buildings, images of which I lamented back in December as being lost for good. So this was a nice little find. I don't know who the photograph was taken by, and I'm afraid it's not entirely in good focus, but it gives some idea of what these buildings were like, in particular the elaborate church. I made that myself, but the other buildings were a joint production between me and Mark, who passed away five years ago now after bravely fighting Motor Neurone Disease. Mark was learning to build and paint terrain very skilfully before the cruel condition took away that possibility. 

These are all based on the building style typical of the Basque region, the heart of the Carlist insurrection. Most houses were built of bare stone, but some were rendered and others of timber-framed construction. The church is based on one still standing in a town there. Unusually it has a plain back, but then a quite elaborate baroque fa├žade and porch added in the late 17th century. I laboured long over this, using Wills stone sheets and several parts which I moulded and cast. There are also several "bits and bobs" from own Bohemia setup, which you will be seeing properly in due course: a statue, a covered well and wayside shrine.



  1. Nice work John - the image gives a reasonable impression, as you say. I may "need" to create some Spanish style buildings myself in 20mm for my SCW project, so these give me some good pointers and ideas - thanks!

    1. I'm glad you could see through the slight fuzz of this image, rross. I was quite excited to find it, for all its limitations, but it's a shame we can't see the church a bit better, because the facade is one of my best bits of work ever. The SCW of course was fought all over Spain, so this northern style of bare stone or timber-framed houses is possible, and/ or the archetypal rendered buildings, in either case with low-pitched pantile roofs.

  2. I remember seeing this game at a SELWG Show some years ago and being terribly impressed by the buildings , the figures were pretty good as well. The overall effect was rather good. Sadly I cannot find any of the pictures I thought I took.

  3. Hi John, I've found a couple of photos of Mark's SCW game he out on at Salute in 2014 (I lent him a board with a river section on it), which have your lovely buildings on. Can you send me you email and I'll send them over to you. I'm
    Cheers, Simon

  4. Thankyou Martin, and especially Simon. From now knowing what show it was, and which year, I have been able to find lots more images of this Basque setup. I am just waiting to hear from the blog where some of them appear, and then will post a good selection. How nice to retrieve pictures of another apparently "lost" set of models!

  5. Very nice and the church in particular looks fantastic. Good luck with the IT issues!

  6. Thanks, Kym. I have got some *much* nicer pictures of all this setup now, which I'll post before long. Some were kindly supplied by Simon C. ("painterman"), but others I found on other people's blogs, and I am trying to contact them before reposting. I'm sure they wouldn't mind at all, but it seems like the polite thing to do.