Friday, 19 November 2021

A Spaceship Made of Junk

 As I was saying, I went to study "Model Design" at Hertford Uni from 1998. I built a variety of models there, some of which are no longer around or wouldn't be of much interest. I thought you might be amused to see this one though. The project was to design then build a special effects-style model out of "found objects", photograph it and then work up the images in Photoshop to reflect the design sketches. The actual model was about two feet long, but the idea was to make it look huge in the final images.

The first picture here is my "storyboard" drawing for one of the images. Then there are two photographs of the actual model, which was built from a packing crate, bits of kids' toys and parts from discarded desktop PC's. Finally there are three Photoshopped images of the finished thing. How to work Photoshop would have remained a useful skill, but that was something my ageing brain quickly forgot. 

Anyway, something different for today's post, but back to proper wargames models tomorrow!


  1. That's clever use of bits n pieces John. Another blogger I follow, KEV's Hobby Blog, created something similar recently using a kids Nerf gun type toy...not as intricate as what you have done here, but along similar thought lines

    1. Thanks rross, I'm glad someone is interested! I mustn't grumble! I keep promising better stuff and tutorials and all you got is ploughing through highways and byways.
      I went through all my old folders yesterday and found I'd kept my notes, plans, timesheets and everything from decades ago. In amongst that was both stuff like this, that's a tangent, but also I found some better photos of the German village that will be posted later today.

  2. Very nice. Could've been from an old Doctor Who or Blake's 7 episode! :-)